TV Broadcast Systems

TV Broadcast Systems

Complete management and workflow solution for broadcasters and media companies

PROVYS is a workflow-oriented management and back-office software for media companies, broadcasting organizations, and production houses. It covers a very wide range of corporate processes. The PROVYS solution consist of the following modules:

  • PROVYS Programme planning
  • PROVYS Production management
  • PROVYS Advertisement sales
  • PROVYS Rights management
  • PROVYS Content and MAM
  • PROVYS VOD & OTT management

User friendly, ultra low-latency and robust TV Advertisement Insertion System

Key Features

  • Scales easily from 8 channels to hundred of channels.
  • Ultra low latency of under 4 frames/160ms.
  • Intelligent automatic scheduling.
  • Comprehesive interfaces to billing and external systems.
  • User-friendly and secure web-based user interface.
  • Proven, robust and easy to use.
  • Integrated with comprehensive Air Time Sales and Traffic solution from PROVYS.

Secured Login

  • Fully web-based.
  • Secured login based on access rights.
  • Integrated with AD and LDAP.
  • Supports multi-level access control.
  • Multi-user edit management.

Fixed Scheduling

  • Browse and preview media directly from browser.
  • Media bin categorised by client, campaign.
  • Multi-user control.
  • Quick overview of scheduling status.

Automatic Scheduling

  • Powerful and industry's only auto-scheduling function.
  • NMS DELTATM automatically inserts with suitable promo if there are unfilled slots.
  • User defined rules for auto scheduling.
  • Auto-insertion pool globally managed across all channels.
  • Significantly increased productivity and insertion rates.


  • Comprehensive real-time reports.
  • Reports fully customisation for billing, ad agencies, management, analysis, etc.
  • Reports via API, web services, XML, FTP.
  • Real-time alerts.


  • Real-time inventory status presented in graphs and tables.
  • Enable sales teams to maximize sales of avaiable inventory.
  • Click to drill into details of inventory for selected day and channel.
  • Color coded for quick and easy identification.
  • API and FTP interface for external interfaces for 3rd party Ad Sales agencies.


  • Real-time usage status presented in graphs and tables.
  • Click to drill into details of inventory for selected day and channel.
  • Color coded for quick and easy identification.
  • API and FTP interface for external interfaces for billing and 3rd party Ad Sales agencies.


  • User friendly admin user interface with drag and drop operations.
  • Create and manage customers, campaigns and media.
  • Preview and browse media.
  • Create campaign rules and validity periods.

Powerful monitoring tool for OTT, IPTV and Broadcast operators

Key Features

  • Fully web-based to allow easy monitoring at any location.
  • Comprehensive monitoring.
  • Supports baseband and streaming channels.
  • Extensive logging and real-time alerts.
  • Proven, robust and easy to use.

Monitoring Parameters

  • Checks all channels, profiles, links and devices in real-time.
  • Decodes m3U8 files to ensure format and data are valid.
  • Detects frozen or looping video.
  • Validates tokens and ensure tokens are not reused.
  • Ensure all devices and applications are running normally.
  • Monitors streaming statistics such as frame rate, bitrates and dropped packets.
  • Sends realtime alerts via email (SMTP), SNMP and WMI.

Powerful Multi-view Television Channel

Key Features

  • Generates quad screen HD channel from 4 live channels in HD or SD.
  • Allows viewers to select the audio of choice.
  • Automatic selection of source channels.
  • Automatic up and down conversion of SD and HD sources.
  • Built-in crawlers and logo insertions.
  • Robust and proven in 24x7 broadcast operations.

One of the largest broadcast logging solution in Singapore

Key Features

  • Records large numbers of SD and HD channels simultaneously.
  • Fully encryted with 128-bit Triple DES encryption.
  • Easy to use web-based user interface.
  • Automatic archive management.
  • Small datacenter foot-print.
  • Export to DVD, thumbdrive with secured access control.
  • Robust and proven in contiuous 24x7 operations.